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[Solved] Check if cpDevice is valid - ChriD - 30-01-2015 08:15 PM


Ive got some Problem checking if the cpDevice is valid.
Assume i found some upnp devices. Then the UPNP devices are going offline without saying "byebye". The CPDevice wont be "removed" because "onDeviceLost" is not triggered.

How do i check if this device/service is valid? If i do actions on this device of course i get exceptions! (dont no what kind of, it ist says "abort()")
Or how can i catch this "iError" exceptions?

EDIT: Okay exceptions are OpenHome::Exceptions

void SyncProxyAction::Wait()
    if ((Error::ELevel)iError.Level() != Error::eNone) {

Thanks for Info Blush

Okay... i do not really need this validation if i can catch the exceptions!