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OpenHomePlayer 1.0.6 available now! - pedro - 22-08-2016 03:25 PM


We have just updated out players on all platforms to version 1.0.6.

This build contains a number of bugfixes and also the latest ohNet and ohPipeline in order to improve performance and reliability.

There are also two new builds due to popular demand:

** OpenHome Player for Pi - Headless
A headless version of the Raspbian Jessie player for those of you who prefer not to run a GUI

** OpenHome Player for Ubuntu (32 and 64-bit)
We have added support for both platform variants now due to requests from users.

If you are using a GUI version of the player, it should offer you the option to upgrade soon (or at least next time you re-run the player).

If you want to update manually, check out the website at:

Enjoy! (and let us know if you have any comments or questions.)