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iptables rules for ohnet - gillecaluim - 28-11-2016 11:07 PM

Trying to get iptables rules working for minimserver on arch linux x86_64 server which uses ohnet.
Running minimserver-0.8.4 without problems with ohnet.subnet =
Running minimwatch on win10pro laptop on same ohnet.subnet....but it can't connect (ie stays gray) unless I allow all traffic from the server to that subnet. I can browse to the minimserver http 9790 from the laptop so that works.
Is there a destination port range that the ohnet upnp stack uses that I should allow in the iptables output chain? I can see multiple dropped udp packets in the iptables log

RE: iptables rules for ohnet - simonc - 29-11-2016 09:59 AM

minimserver will define which port its HTTP server runs on. Multicast UDP is required on There are also many outbound (server to control point messages). These use ephemeral (host assigned) ports in many cases.

If you require more information, you'll probably be better off posting a question on the minimserver forum