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Can I use the MAC address as the UDN?
30-07-2012, 03:43 PM
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RE: Can I use the MAC address as the UDN?
According to the UPnP Device Architecture 1.1 specification, the UDN must start with "uuid:" and this must be followed by a UUID in the format stated in section 1.1.4 (example: 2fac1234-31f8-11b4-a222-08002b34c003).

Here's the relevant text from section 2.3:

REQUIRED. Unique Device Name. Universally-unique identifier for the device, whether root or embedded.
MUST be the same over time for a specific device instance (i.e., MUST survive reboots). MUST match the
field value of the NT header field in device discovery messages. MUST match the prefix of the USN
header field in all discovery messages. (Section 1, “Discovery” explains the NT and USN header fields.)
MUST begin with “uuid:” followed by a UUID suffix specified by a UPnP vendor. See section 1.1.4, “UUID
format and RECOMMENDED generation algorithms” for the MANDATORY UUID format.
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