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DvAvOpenhomeOOrgPlaylist1Cpp and error reporting
03-09-2013, 11:43 AM
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DvAvOpenhomeOOrgPlaylist1Cpp and error reporting

I am new to Openhome, having recently discovered it. I am trying to build an audio renderer app. I have looked at OhMediaPlayer as example, which actually uses a lot of "Core" classes, which according to ohNet README are not supposed to be used externally.

So, I have been implementing play actions by deriving from DvAvOpenhomeOOrgPlaylist1Cpp and could not find any way to report errors from the action implementation functions.

For example, SeekId or SeekIndex, where id is not found or the index is out of boundary I can't see any way of reporting such an error (The example code uses core DvAvOpenhomeOOrgPlaylist1 class, and calls Error on IDvInvocation).

Given these core classes are not part of public API, how can I report an error when deriving from DvAvOpenhomeOOrgPlaylist1Cpp where I only have IDvInvocationStd with no Error method?

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DvAvOpenhomeOOrgPlaylist1Cpp and error reporting - kostic2000 - 03-09-2013 11:43 AM

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