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Multiple DvProviderAvOpenhomeOrgRadio1 Sources
11-11-2013, 10:24 AM
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Multiple DvProviderAvOpenhomeOrgRadio1 Sources

Is it possible to create multiple instances of DvProviderAvOpenhomeOrgRadio1 in a Renderer.

I have tried to create two Radio Sources but I always get a Fatal Java Error when creating the second instance.

My plan was to use the second Radio source as an input source so that on a pre amp I could switch between sources, that way the inputs could easily be controlled by Kinsky.

    private PrvRadio iRadio =  null;
    private PrvRadio iInput = null;
        public SimpleDevice()
            iProduct = new PrvProduct(iDevice);
        iVolume = new PrvVolume(iDevice);
        iPlayList = new PrvPlayList(iDevice);
        iInfo = new PrvInfo(iDevice);
        iTime = new PrvTime(iDevice);
        iRadio = new PrvRadio(iDevice);
        iInput = new PrvRadio(iDevice);

Where PrvRadio is my implementation of DvProviderAvOpenhomeOrgRadio1

public class PrvRadio extends DvProviderAvOpenhomeOrgRadio1 implements Observer {


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Multiple DvProviderAvOpenhomeOrgRadio1 Sources - PeteManchester - 11-11-2013 10:24 AM

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