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Songcast Timestamps
07-03-2014, 10:09 AM (This post was last modified: 07-03-2014 10:13 AM by PeteManchester.)
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Songcast Timestamps

I'm making very good progress with my Songcast Receiver, I have got it working and am now looking to use the timestamps and latency to add a delay the playback..

Is there a special format for the network timestamp and media timestamp in the audio message.

Maybe I should read the docs a bit more Angry

Accurate timestamps allow appropriately equipped Songcast Receivers to achieve close audio synchronisation. But timestamps should only be used when high accuracy is achievable. The timestamps and the media latency are measured according to an audio MCLK that is 256 * 44K1, or 256 * 48K.

I'm not sure I understand the description though, if possible please can you explain a bit more.

I tried a simple conversion to an int and a long, but at times I get a negative number and the value does not seem to relate to any system time that I have.

Also for the latency I convert that to an int, but if in the OpenHome Songcast sender I set the latency to 150ms the value I get in my receiver is 1843200, Hex 001C2000. This value changes when I change it in the sender, it does go up or down, but does not equal what is set in the sender, it's ok for me, but just wondered if I missed something on the conversion.


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